Birch Juice is conquering the world


We were glad to read in UK's "Daily Mail" that birch juice is conquering the world as one of the top health drinks. Read here.

Living in the country where there is no shortage of birch trees Latvians has collected and drunk birch sap for centuries. When you drive around Latvia in April, it is a common sight as in the photo here. The hand written signes along the roads that fresh birch sap available for purchase are also common.


If you'd like to learn more about the birch juice we welcome to join one of our tours to the birch sap drinks producers. You will learn not only the health and taste properties of pure birch juice but also that it makes wonderfully refreshing sparkling wine. The sample tour here.

But if you are interested in the process itself  and wish to know how to collect the sap and try the hand yourself then talk to us. Many our rural accomodation places will offer such experience in the Spring time (usually April). Write:

Come to Latvia and enjoy what the nature gives us!


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