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Animal breeder Latvia, Latgale, Rugāju novads


The Baķi farm is in the Rugāji Administrative District and in a lovely location.  It was established in 20133 and has more than 100 blackhead sheep that graze in the meadows on the shores of the Balupe River.  The animals are used to produce mutton and wool.  The farm also breeds some rabbits.  Tours are available, and there is a sauna.  Visitors who contact the farm in advance can have a meal of mutton pilaf.

Sheep breeding, 120 head. Approximately 100 pedigreed Latvian dark-headed sheep used to produce wool and meat.  The farm also has a few breeding rabbits.

For children and teenagers   Distance from countries capital city240   Season1-12   Must register in advance Accepts tourist groups Accepts individual travellers Optional meals
  Must register in advance!