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As summer approaches and thoughts linger on Latvia's beautiful nature, delicious food and its people, but it is not yet allowed to leave our homes, we invite you to get acquainted digitally with the places and opportunities offered by "Flavours of Livonia", with hope that soon they can be visited for real!

"Flavours of Livonia" - it's not just dining in a pub! It is an opportunity to meet our own hosts - food producers and providers, who are amazingly versatile, able to produce their own products, receive tourists, feed and entertain them, all in accordance with local food growing and cooking traditions. Most of the Livonian-era food traditions have survived to the present day, alternating with traditional Latvian cuisine, and these flavors can be tasted thanks to entrepreneurs who respect local food and traditions, using locally grown food ingredients, take care of the environment around the and are proudu of their delicious food!


Feast like a Livonian!

The traditional Latvian and Estonian menu is still basically the same dishes that our ancestors ate. These dishes are still served in many cafes, pubs and restaurants. Get to know the food providers who serve dishes from their region, prepared according to local cooking traditions, and which special features date back to Livonian times. CLICK HERE

Meet the hosts!

In Livonian times, thanks to a wider range of goods, people got to know many new and interesting tastes. Even more than then, even today we like to experiment with traditional recipes. Look for places where hosts invite for tastings, master classes or entertaining programs to introduce their guests to the tastes close to them. CLICK HERE

Take the flavour of Livonia with you!

Already during the Livonian period, people developed the ability to preserve products for a long time. Pickled and salted vegetables, smoked meat and brewed beverages - all this and more is known by the owners of productive farms, whose products can be purchased by visiting the farm or possibly in a nearby store. CLICK HERE

Follow the Livonian culinary route!

Livonia had river and sea and regular roads, from which goods flowed from west to east, thus ensuring good profits for local traders and the country's economic prosperity. Residents measured long roads, with boats or horse-drawn carriages full with goods, stopping for meal in one of the roadside pubs. You can also go along the roads of old Livonia in Latvia and Estonia, and get acquainted with the culinary heritage and traditions we have learned from Livonian times, as well as visit other nearby sights. CLICK HERE


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What does the flavours of Livonia tastes like?

From the 13th to the 16th century, Livonia united Estonia and Latvia geographically and economically. Since then, we have inherited similar lifestyles and traditions. It was the Livonian era that made peasant cuisine more diverse and richer in ingredients. To find out more about the taste of Livonia, what products were used and discovered by the people of that time, read here.

How did the Livonians celebrate?

The course of life of the Livonian people depended greatly on the order to which man belonged. The farmer's life was relatively monotonous and the days were similar to each other, but the nobles learned to organize rich feasts - carnivals and dances, street processions and feasts! Read more about celebrations in Livonia here.

But to learn more about the history of Livonia and its people, read here.

You will also be able to go on a Livonian taste trip with the help of the published materials. The tourist map and regional leaflets will help you to find information about the culinary traditions of the specific area and possible sights and attractions, but in the informative brochure you will find what food and drinks we have borrowed from Livonians. These and other materials published by "Flavors of Livonia" can be found here.

All the information gathered in section "Flavours of Livonia" www.celotajs.lv/livonia. 

Find both Latvian and Estonian "Flavours of Livonia" participants on the map - with the possibility to select only accommodation, farms or dining places, as well as to choose objects by types of services or specializations. Look them up and go visit! 

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