A new project "Change Creators. Innovative business models for the non-urban creative sectors"


We have started work on the project "Change creators. Innovative business models for the non-urban creative sectors.". The main aim of the project is to contribute to innovation, sustainability and resilience of the alternative cultural and creative places located on the sparsely populated areas through discovering, testing and introducing new business models and audience development models. The project brought together partners from four countries: Poland, Sweden, Italy and Latvia.

The project team met on February 23 and 24 to discuss the progress of the project. The meeting took place in Sweden, Dals Långed - the place where one of the partners works and operates. During it, project management issues, planned activities and planned schedule for the execution of works were discussed. The first major task was discussed in more detail - a research of alternative cultural and creative places in all four partner countries, their strengths and weaknesses, needs, challenges and examples of good practice. Recommendations will be created then to organize pilot tests in all four countries involved in the project.

Interviews are planned with 10 alternative cultural and creative sites in each country to conduct research and draw conclusions. Also, an online survey has been created to get a general idea of the industry situation in the partner countries. If you are a cultural organisation or business, we would be grateful if you would complete this survey.

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