Cruise for all the captains of tourism industry


The networking cruise for all the captains of tourism industry. Networking on a ship - is it possible? Yes, it is! On the way from Helsinki to Stockholm we were participating in discussion about tourism in the Baltics with the representatives of key players of the industry from Germany, Mediterranean, North America, Latin America, South East Asia, Japan, India and Caucasus.

The networking was taking place on non-formal meeting sessions with coffee, drinks, and dinner. The Nordic Tourism Collective colleagues, clients and partners shared insights on the global market forecasts and the future of tourism in Baltics. The panel discussion was about the extreme temperature rise in Europe and the travelers seeking for vacations to ‘cold’ destinations such as the Baltics countries and if we ready for it. The future of tourism also will be impacted by the AI technology for product development, data analysis and customer relationships in B2C and B2B level. We all agreed that the future of tourism is in sustainable travel industry but how the new developing technology can foster its development? The future of travel industry is also in the hands of the next generations Gen Z and Gen Alpha and how can we make the tourism industry attractive for them. All of this was wonderfully orchestrated by Andrew Fairburn and Paul Wagner, the directors of the Nordic Tourism Collective.

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