Summer's Events


Summer is always a busy time for all sorts of events taking place across Latvia. Here is our selected events. Maybe you can find one near your holiday place. 



05.06. – 11.06. Valka, Valga Festival of the Latvian/Estonian boarder towns Valka/Valga More:
07.06. Saulkrasti IX International Gathering of American Cars „Saulkrasti 2014”. More:
15.06. Kalsnavas dendrārijs Peonies Festival with more than 100 kinds.                 More:
21.06. Ludza Big Latgalian Fair. More:
27.06. – 29.06. Daugavpils 17. Baltic Student Song and Dance Festival More:
27.06. Valmiera Valmiera Town Festival.                                         More:
28.06. Gulbene EKO/VELO cycling festival for families Gulbenē.  More:
03.07. – 06.07. Tukums

Roses Festival in Tukums.

04.07. – 06.07. Saulkrasti Saulkrasti Festival.  More:
05.07. Koknese Koknese region Festival. More:
11.,18.,25.07. Valmiermuiža Live music at Valmiermuiža Brewery's  beer garden. More:
12.07. Smiltene Smiltene region festival. More:
12.07. Sea coast Tradional Fishermen Festival at the different places along the sea
12. – 13.07. Mores pag Ostrich Festival at "Indrānos" . More:
12. – 13.07. Jelgava 8th International Sand Sculpture Festival. More:
18. – 19.07. Līvāni Līvāni town's festival with crafts demonstrations. More:
19.07. Gulbene Beer Festival and narrow gaunge railway Gulbenes – Alūksnes train. More:
24. – 27.07. Gulbene Gulbene town festival. More:
26.07. Jaunlaicene 1. International malenian festival
26.07. Aglona Aglonas maizes muzejam. Crafts and food market
01.08. Valmiermuiža Live music at Valmiermuiza Brewery's beer garden More:
01. – 02.08. Liepāja Inernational street theatre festival. More:
01.08. – 03.08. Sigulda XXII International Sigulda Opera music Festival. More:
09.08. Līgatne  III Latvian Paper Festival. More:
09.08. Sigulda Nature's concert hall – near Gūtmaņala. More:
09.08. Jaunpils Medieval Festival at Jaunpils castle. More:
09.08. Valmiermuiža Māra Day Valmiermuižas alus darītavā farmers market and traditions evening. More:
11.08. Vaidavas pagasts Herbs for Health – presentation by Zeltīte Kaviere and Līga Reitere
16.08. Ainaži Dance festival.  Ainažu Sea School celebrrates its 150 Anniversary

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