A collection of postcards of "Baltic country holidays"


Our collection of postcards offers information about things that we, the Latvian people, consider to be important, what makes us proud, and what is special during every season in our Latvian countryside. For the Summer Solstice, Latvians make round, yellow cheese to resemble the sun. In the autumn, we go into the forest to to hunt for mushrooms. During the spring, we tap birch trees to get the sap, and in winter, we enjoy sauna traditions that are hundreds of years old.
A separate series of postcards relates to Latvian cuisine, including cheese, as well as crafts from Latvia.

The latest series of postcards focuses on seven routes that can be traveled to celebrate the centenary of the Latvian state. You will learn about the emergence of Latvian statehood in all of Latvia’s regions.

If you want to delight your friends in Latvia or abroad with a beautiful postcard greeting, then come to the “Lauku ceļotājs” office at Kalnciema Street 40, 3rd floor, in Rīga, where you can get some of the cards.

Available languages: Latvian, German

Postcard photos.

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