The Livi style book is ready


Together with Livs from Kurzeme coastline and Dundaga municipality we have prepared Livi style book which presents the visual identity of the Liv coastline. The brochure contains information about the Livs, their cultural and historical values and features, as well as Liv symbols and graphic elements, thus preserving the cultural heritage of the Liv coastline.

The Livi style book can be used by all who preserve and promote Liv coastline traditions in everyday life - tourism service providers, local organizations etc. Information and graphic elements included in the brochure are designed for marketing and communication activities - brochures, websites, souvenirs etc.

This publication is financed within the Estonia - Latvia Programme from European Regional Development Fund project “Development and promotion of small ethno-cultural regions as tourism destinations”. There are four ethno-cultural regions included in the project - Setomaa and Kihnu island in Estonia, the Liv coastline and Suiti region in Latvia. All these regions are special and unique with their own culture and values, and the slogan "Living Cultures: United by the Unique" unites all four regions, highlighting that in each region the local unique traditions have been maintained in everyday life.

Within the project there have been designed style book for each region separately. They are available here:

Livi style book

Kihnu style book 


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