Animal breeder
Animal breeder Latvia, Kurzeme, Kuldīgas novads

The Betas farm

One of the largest meat and dairy farms in Kurzeme, with a herd of around 500 heads of cattle. The farm also breeds most of the types of fowl that are known in Latvia. An informative tour is available, and you can purchase meat, milk and eggs.

A biological farm with 400 ha of grain fields.  Output of 1,200 tonnes a year, as well as 20 tonnes of potatoes from 1 ha, 10 tonnes of vegetables from 0.5 ha, 1,300 tonnes of milk, 150 tonnes of beef, 50 tonnes of veal, 3 tonnes of pork and 2 tonnes of mutton.

Agri Heritage   For children and teenagers   Distance from countries capital city155   Season1-12   Optional meals Accepts individual travellers Accepts tourist groups Accommodation available Must register in advance
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