Beekeeping Latvia, Kurzeme, Ventspils novads


This is a beautiful farm that is friendly to the environment and has some 300 hives of bees. There is a shop along with a tasting hall where you can enjoy honey made of various flowers, pollen (including pollen in honey), propolis (also in honey) bee bread, wax and souvenirs. Taste beekeeping products (including honey wine) and take a tour of the farm, as well.

This farm uses traditional hives to extract honey, and it offers a look at hives that were used in the past. The owners are happy to talk about the development of beekeeping in Latvia and their experience in this regard.

New! BeeHive bee healing therapy!
A wonderful opportunity to improve both mental and physical health with the healing effects of apitherapy - the healing power of bees. 

The farm specialises in beekeeping and has ~200 swarms of bees. Output of 10 tonnes of honey a year. Average output is around 60 kg of honey per hive.

Agri Heritage Distance from countries capital city201 Season1-12 Accepts individual travellers Must register in advance Accepts tourist groups
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