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The Lazdiņi farm is one of the most modern farms in Latvia, located in the Krimūni Parish in the north-western part of the Zemgale lowlands.  The farm focuses on grain farming (~1,100 ha), processing and storage.  Owner Juris Lazdiņš is the chairman of the largest non-governmental organisations in the field of agriculture, and by contacting him in advance, agriculture experts and future experts can go there to exchange experiences.  The farm is surrounded by the typical landscape of the Zemgale lowlands.

Grain, 53 ha, rapeseed, 200 ha, with annual output of 2,500 t of grain and 600 t of rapeseed.

For children and teenagers   Distance from countries capital city73   Season1-12   Accepts individual travellers Optional meals Must register in advance Accepts tourist groups
  Must register in advance!