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The Mazburkas farm is in a lovely location between the Rīga-Ventspils (A 10) highway and Tukums, with a beautiful and hillocky landscape all around it.  There are fields grapes on the southern slopes of the hillocks, and some 60 different kinds of grapes are grown there.  Visitors can pick their own grapes or buy some that have already been picked.  The lady of the farm produces outstanding wines that have received prestigious prizes, including international ones.  Another specialisation is sheep breeding.  Visitors can look at the herd and purchase mutton if they contact the farm in advance for that purpose.  There is a large wooden platform at the farm for visitors.  Owner Gunta Niedra is happy to share in her experiences and provide consultations to those who wish to engage in sheep breeding.

Sheep breeding and grape growing, production of wine, and offer of products for sale. 44,5 ha of land, with 5 ha of grape garden. 145 sheep.

Distance from countries capital city67   Season1-12   Must register in advance Optional meals Accepts tourist groups
  Must register in advance!