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Animal breeder Latvia, Zemgale, Jelgavas novads


Established in 1992, the Mežacīruļi farm is in the Zaļenieki Parish of the Jelgava Administrative District, alongside the basin of the Lielupe River.  The farm initially had 7.2 ha of land, 3 cows, 20 head of sheep and 6 sows.  Today it has 700 ha of land, 300 dairy cows, and a series of hothouses to grow lettuce and herbs.

Intensive farming. The farm specialises in dairy farming and vegetable farming. 700 ha of land, 300 dairy cows, a complex of hothouses to grow lettuce and herbs. The farm has received several prizes, including international awards for environmentally friendly farming.  Alongside the farm are artificial wetlands (the only ones in Latvia) to operate as a natural biological filter.  The farm also has a modern biogas plant.

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