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Active leisure
Active leisure
Heritage gardens
Heritage gardens

The farm produces rhubarb, pumpkin and quince candies, apple chips, juices and jams, and tourists can purchase all of these.  It welcomes groups of children who can tour the orchard and taste the products.  The farm has several types of sweet cherry trees, and it is integrated on 24 hectares of land.  2.5 ha of this is devoted to the apple orchard, which produces 30 tonnes of fruit each year to produce apple chips, dried apples, apple juice, etc.  The owners will teach you to produce a crown from fruit tree branches.



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Culture and history
Latvian Heritage

LATVIAN HERITAGE CULTURAL MARK IS AWARDED FOR:  For keeping the fruit growing tradition

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Agrotourism - Fruit farming

An integrated farm with 24 ha of land, including a 2.5 ha apple orchard. Each year the farm produces 30 tonnes of apples and produces apple chips, dried apples, apple juice, etc.  It also grows Burgundy snails and can teach visitors how to shape a crown for fruit trees.

Flavours of Livonia - Producer

Dried apples, chips, jam, candied fruit, etc.; Sweet apple dumplings.