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The Klajumi horse farm

The farm features twelve friendly horses from Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, as well as three eager dogs of various species, along with rabbits, chickens, cows and cats. Here you will feel the true country spirit in four adjoining farms – Klajumi, Ganiņi, Ķemeri and Krasti. The location is near the “Rings of the Daugava” Nature Park, and you can go horseback riding along the border between Latvia and Belarus.

Latvian cuisine: Schnitzel of mushrooms, potato dumplings with dried mushrooms or meat, cream sauce and onions, baked chanterelles with new potatoes, sautéed vegetables and mushrooms, strawberries with ice cream, moonshine liquor.

Special foods: Cranberry fool a la Klajumi

For children and teenagers   Active leisure   Horseback riding   Beautiful sights   Agri Heritage   Distance from countries capital city275   Season1-12   Accommodation available Accepts individual travellers Must register in advance Pre-order required Accepts individual travellers Optional meals Accepts tourist groups
  Must register in advance!
  Pre-order required!
Tālr. + 371 29472638
“Klajumi”, Kaplava
Kaplavas pag.
Krāslavas nov.
LV-5668, Latvia