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Animal breeder Latvia, Kurzeme, Kuldīgas novads


The Jokas farm is 4 km to the East of Turlava.  Owner Jānis Uzulēns has purposefully developed and expanded the farm ever since it was established in 2011.  He is particularly proud of his herd of beef cows, some 70 in all, as well as of five horses.  The farm produces sausages and other meat products and also offers services such as managing forests and fisheries.

Total land of 86 ha, engaging in the breeding of beef cattle (71 head, 15 t/y), with 86 ha of grasslands and wetlands, 600 t/y, as well as forestry and horses (5 head).

Distance from countries capital city170   Season1-12   Accepts tourist groups Must register in advance Optional meals Accepts individual travellers
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