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The Rožlejas farm is in the Džūkste Parish of the Tukums Administrative District, where the Eastern Courlandian highlands interact with the Heath lowlands.  The parents of the current owner, Jānis Ukše, began work there in 1989, establishing a natural farm to grow sugar beets and then also wheat.  Thanks to thoughtful farming, Rožlejas has, over the past quarter-century, turned into one of the largest grain farms in Western Latvia.  The owners have taken active part in EU projects to purchase modern equipment and to build hangars for the storage of grain and equipment.  The farm specialises in winter barley and winter wheat, using ~1,200 ha of land for that purpose.

Intensive farming - grain farming (winter and summer crops, 750 ha, 3,900 t/y; rapeseed -- 500 ha, 1,500 t/y).

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