Animal breeder
Animal breeder Latvia, Kurzeme, Skrundas novads


The farm breeds purebred and crossbred cattle for seed, fattening and meat production.  It sells piglets and pork, grows grains and potatoes, and engages in beekeeping.  Six ponds are used to breed carp, tench and orfe.  During the winter, fishing is possible in special basins that are based on the flooding of a curve in the Bērzene River.  Valti offers a look at biological farming, beef cattle breeding, genetic work related to purebred animals, and fishing outdoors.  The farm has a special seminar room and kitchen for seminars and training.  The farm maintains the Oskars Kalpaks trail, which crosses a territory that is geological and landscape interest.

Extensive farming, with purebred and crossbred cattle for seed, fattening and meat production, sale of piglets and pork, growing of grains and potatoes, beekeeping. 425 ha of land. Grain – 44 ha,  potatoes – 3 ha, grasses – 320 ha. 107 dairy cows,  100 head of beef cattle, 50 pigs.

For children and teenagers   Distance from countries capital city154   Season5-9   Optional meals Accepts tourist groups