Baltic Nature Tourism products for UK tourists


This year, we have launched a new Baltic nature tourism project with the aim of developing a joint Latvian and Estonian nature tourism product adapted to the interest of UK tourists, positioning it in the market using a special marketing campaign, and increasing sales volumes.

We are looking for service providers who offer nature tourism services and wish to join this nature tourism web platform for the UK market.
To get involved, please fill out the application form, indicating the nature tourism services you provide:

The nature tourism product will be based on individual nature tourism products and services of small and medium-sized enterprises, which will be professionally prepared and will be available on an innovative and specialized nature tourism web platform that will directly connect product providers - sellers with buyers - individual travellers, specialized interest groups and tour operator companies, which specialize in the Baltic and Nordic countries. The nature tourism product will include offers such as wildlife and bird watching, nature photography, nature walks, bike tours, boating, as well as excursion programs that include natural elements and values such as botany, natural resources, nature based wellness/SPA, etc.

All types for Nature tourism product classification you find here:

In case of any questions, please contact

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