Heilkräuter und Tees
Heilkräuter und Tees Lettland, Vidzeme, Limbažu novads

Freilichtausstellung der lettischen Heilpflanzen


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Jānis Ulmis
Tālr. +371 29479172
Limbažu pag., Limbažu nov.
LV-4001, Lettland
Wegbeschreibung (mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel)

Bus ‘Rīga - Limbaži’ (1h 50 min), change for bus ‘Limbaži - Saulkrasti’ to the bus stop ‘Lādes skola’ (18 min). Walk to Avotiņi herb garden (~550 m / 6 min).

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The distance from Riga to Tallinn is more than 300 km and it takes approx. 5 hours by bus. Therefore we suggest stopping on the way for a brief excursion to a herb farm and lunch in a country pub. This stopover is approx. 1.5 hours’ drive from Riga, just at that point when one needs to stretch one’s legs and enjoy a change of scene. The visit will give an insight in rural life and it may surprise visitors to learn how well Latvians understand nature, knowing and using herbs for food, health and beauty. After the excursion, the group will have lunch in a country pub serving meals made from locally grown ingredients.