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The Vilciņi farm is one of the largest and most modern agricultural manufacturing companies in Zemgale, always using environmentally friendly methods.  The farm is in the Krimūni Parish in the heart of the historical region of Zemgale.  It was established in 1991 by the parents of the current owner, Arnis Burmistrs.  Today the farm specialises in grain farming on ~2,200 ha of land.  The farm uses precise agricultural methods to save money and preserve the environment and human health.  It is actively involved in EU-financed projects, has a modern set of agricultural equipment, and has installed a local meteorological facility.  Tours are available.

Intensive farming, 1,630 ha for grain, 336 ha for rapeseed, 150 ha for beans, with annual output of 9,780 t of grain, 1,176 t of rapeseed and 600 t of beans. The farm uses precise farming methods based on regular analysis of the soil.  Modern computer software is linked to each specific area of land in this process.

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