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LC member
Member of Farmers Parliament (ZSA)
Culture and history
Latvian Heritage

On Latvian skilled trade – hemp fats

In the fields of „Adzelviesi” hemp is cultivated, from the seeds of which hemp butter and rough grinding is produced. Ancient instruments  of processing hemp fibres are exhibited at the barn (year 101). Here one can taste and buy tasty production as well as enjoy a short and exciting journey along the history of hemp cultivation. Hemp is an ancient Latvian cultivated plant, which has been cultivated more than 1000 years. 

Culture and history
Latviešu virtuve

Rough and fine hemp spread, hemp sandwiches, pressed and toasted hemp crumbs, hemp oil.

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Agrotourism - Crop production, Fruit farming

An integrated and biological farm with extensive production of hemp for smooth and rough hemp butter.  Self-grown and certified grass seeds, including annual ryegrass, pasture ryegrass, hybrid ryegrass, meadow fescue, timothy-grass and red clover. Farm with 222 ha of land, including a 70 ha of grain fields, a 2 ha of potato fields, 30 ha of grassland, 10 ha of hemp, 100 ha - other cultures.

Flavours of Livonia - Producer

Rough and fine hemp spread, fresh and roasted seeds, hemp crumbs, freshly produced hemp oil.