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The Vaidelotes farm


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Tours of the farm and a look at a collection of herbs and herbal teas.

For parties
For parties

Country goodies and traditional Semigallian feasts.

Agri Heritage
Agri Heritage

Here you can visit a working farm that honours Latvian traditions, organises celebrations of traditional holidays and offers feasts of foods that are grown on the farm.


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LC member
Member of Farmers Parliament (ZSA)
Environmental protection
Latvian eco-product
Culture and history
Latvian Heritage

On preserving Latvian traditions. On Latvian dishes

They popularize Latvian way of living, practice ancient rituals, treat with dishes of culinary heritage – porridge, bacon rolls, dumplings, pan bread, which have been made from grains cultivated of their own as well as rough grinding flour. Purchasing of tea, spices and country products. Annual celebration festivities are organized where traditions are demonstrated with the help of playing music, singing, dancing and practicing different rituals. The hostess manage the events and explain traditions. Corresponding dishes to the particular celebration are being made. 

Culture and history
Latviešu virtuve

Soups, porridges, desserts, pierogi, sheet cakes and country tortes, dumplings made of roughly ground whole wheat flour with cottage cheese and bacon.

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Agrotourism - Crop production, Livestock production

Intensive farming. Biological farming. 365 ha of land, including 270 ha of grain (wheat, barley) fields and 44 ha of rapeseed fields, legumes (beans, peas). 5 cattle. The farm also produces herbs and herbal teas.

Silver Suitcase

A tour and meal all year round for EUR 3 for guests with a senior citizen card.